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    Review Kinect Sports Rivals

    Do or die.

    To say that Kinect Sports Rivals is a high-profile title for Xbox One would be something of an understatement. Being the only game (barring the violently bad Fighter Within, which barely passes as a game) available that’s been designed for the much-maligned Kinect device that’s included with every console, people were looking to...

  • News The Doctor Is In: David Tennant Revealed as Kinect Sports Rivals Narrator

    A grand choice.

    Microsoft has today confirmed that players of Kinect Sports Rivals will be guided along by a familiar voice. And it isn't that of Peter Dickson - who did such a stellar job as the star of the first two Kinect Sports games - either. No, this time around, you'll be guided through the game's menu systems and tutorials by David Tennant,...