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  • News The Official New Xbox Stereo Headset Is Now Available

    "Game loud and clear"

    After being announced last month, the official Xbox Stereo Headset is now on shelves,. The headset retails at £54.99 / $59.99 and aims to bring a similar experience to the Xbox Wireless Headset, which launched earlier this year. The one main caveat this time around being the headset itself is a wired design. It includes...

  • Guide Best Xbox Series X Headsets For 2020

    Our recommended headsets for the ultimate Series X experience

    It's likely that you have upgraded your 4K TV recently in order to take advantage of the graphical leap offered with the Xbox Series X, but have you given the same consideration to audio? Having an immersive gaming soundscape can massively change your experience for the better. While you...