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  • News 'FPS Boost' Won't Be Suitable For Every Xbox Game, Warns Microsoft

    It's best to keep expectations in check

    Microsoft made the big unveiling yesterday of the 'FPS Boost' program for Xbox Series X and S, which will be improving the frame rate of a selection of backwards compatible games, without any input required by the developer. However, as cool as this feature is, it's best to keep expectations in check. As...

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    Xbox One

    Review Titanfall

    Boom time.

    To say that Xbox One owners have been waiting for Titanfall to arrive is probably one of the understatements of the year. To say that a few gamers who have been thinking about taking the step up to the Xbox One have been waiting to see how Respawn’s new multiplayer-only FPS would fare is also in the same ballpark, understatement-wise...

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    Xbox 360

    Review Deadfall Adventures

    Buried alive.

    When we previewed Deadfall Adventures a couple of months ago, we were promised by the publisher that there was a lot of work to be done. Some graphical elements would be cleaned up, the gunplay would be tweaked, and framerate fixes would be put in place. In short, the normal last-minute polish and clean-up work would be done in order...

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    Xbox 360

    Review Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

    Hit and miss.

    In the FPS market, the idea of stealth is very much overlooked. That sounds like a crazy thing to say given that every other game that involves gunplay also involves at least one mission where you have to navigate behind obvious cover points to avoid detection, taking out clueless enemies one by one. What we mean is that while hiding...