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  • News Nike+ Kinect Training Demo Goes Live

    Get your sweat on.

    Major Nelson has confirmed that a demo of Microsoft's Nike+ Kinect Training is now available from Xbox Live. Those without Xbox Live Gold will be able to pick it up from the 18th. The new fitness product is designed for "the elite or the everyday athlete" and promises to deliver personalized workout programs that match themselves...

  • News Zumba Fitness Core Tracks Revealed

    New trailer drops, too.

    Majesco have today confirmed the 23 licenced songs that will appear in their third Zumba Fitness title, Zumba Fitness Core. The company claims that the game will feature the most diverse range of dance styles seen in a Zumba title yet, with 33 different styles being represented. Liz Buckley, General Manager of the Zumba...

  • News Fit Music is Kinect's Most Self-Explanatory Game

    Can you tell what it is yet?

    Fitness, dancing, Kinect: the holy trinity for game publishers. The next company to try its luck is Oxygene Media with the ingeniously titled Fit Music. Fronted by European fitness champion Patrizia Salviato — described as "one of the best body building superstars ever" by Oxygene — the game is coming to...

  • News Kinect Fitness Games Go Cheap for New Year

    Save some pounds (or dollars)

    If part of your New Year's Resolution is to get fit and you want to use Kinect to do it, we've rustled up some superb deals to help you do so cheaply. Don't forget we also have a Guide to Kinect fitness games and Kinect fitness game reviews too. UK Kinect Deals: January sales are a big deal in the

  • Feature Kinect Holiday Gift Guide 2011

    What's worth your money?

    There are over 80 games available for Kinect now, and knowing exactly which one to pick up as a present can be a tough proposition. That's why we've put together our Kinect holiday game guide 2011 to let you know exactly what you should be looking for when picking a game this season. We've split this article into five...

  • Reader Blog Losing 80 Pounds with Kinect and Dance Central

    It can be done

    In the first of a new series of reader blogs, we're sharing stories from Kinect fans just like you. We want to hear bout any success stories you might have had — a great video you made in Yoostar 2, a world record score in Kinect Sports or something awesome made possible by Kinect. You can contact KINECTaku to share your story, and...