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  • News Child Spends $4.5K in Microtransactions, Parent Wants to Sue Microsoft

    A very expensive transfer...

    An enraged parent is looking to start a class-action lawsuit against Microsoft in order to change their purchasing policy and receive compensation, after his son spent $4,500 in microtransactions on an unspecified version of EA's FIFA soccer franchise. Writing in a post on Medium, Jeremy Hillman - Director of Corporate...

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    Xbox One

    Review FIFA 15

    The keeper fluffs it.

    Here we are once again. It’s that time of year that - if you’re in the UK at least - the releases of EA’s annual Madden and NHL franchises are nothing but a precursor to. It’s FIFA time once again, and no matter what we say about the game here, it’ll undoubtedly be a massive success and sit at the top of the sales...

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    Xbox 360

    Review 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

    Back of the pocket.

    When EA announced that they wouldn’t be releasing their quadrennial World Cup version of their FIFA series as DLC – which is something they trialled with the Euro 2012 add-on for FIFA 12 – the gaming world sighed. It was an indication that we were going back to the bad old days of paying out the full retail price for the...

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    Xbox 360

    Review FIFA 14

    Top corner.

    The football season is in full swing, and with the EA and Microsoft cosying up over the FIFA series this year, it looks like it’ll eventually be a big 2013 for the franchise on Xbox platforms. Sales aren’t what they were last year in the early going, but with the Xbox One version of FIFA 14 being bundled with preorders, some players...