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  • News 200+ Digital-Only Games Set To Be Impacted By Xbox 360 Store Closure

    When they're gone, they're gone

    Yesterday brought us the news that the Xbox 360 store will be closing in July of 2024, meaning a bunch of great games will be delisted forever on the platform. As long as you buy them prior to the closure date you'll still be able to redownload them in the future, but if you wait too long to purchase them, you'll be...

  • News UK Xbox One Digital Game Prices Unexpectedly Rise

    That's all we needed

    It appears that the prices of some digital Xbox One games have taken a bit of a leap up over the weekend, without any sort of explanation as to why. Titles that were available for preorder on Friday for £44.99 - Halo 5: Guardians and Rise of the Tomb Raider most noticeably - are now at the £49.99 mark. In a world where the...