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  • News Alien: Isolation Dev Unveils New Zero-G Shooter 'Hyenas' For Xbox

    We're not laughing

    So, after a fair bit of hype from IGN about Creative Assembly's next project, the Alien: Isolation dev has finally unveiled its new game and, well, it's not exactly what we were expecting. Hyenas is a new multiplayer shooter coming to Xbox in 2023, and it's also about stealing from rich folk, apparently! Alongside the reveal,...

  • Review Alien: Isolation (Xbox One)

    "The perfect organism."

    Throughout cinematic history, very few films have influenced a genre like the Alien saga has. In 1979, Ridley Scott's initial vision of horror far away from home resonated so strongly with audiences that the film almost immediately became a cult hit and introduced us to Ellen Ripley, one of the most dynamic heroines ever to...