Oh boy, where do you even start with this one? You might remember that back in March, destructive Xbox Game Pass racer Wreckfest received a very generous free 4K, 60FPS patch for Xbox Series X, making it run better than ever on next-gen consoles. It was a genuinely fantastic addition to the game, but the PlayStation 5 never received it, and so another upgrade (this time at a cost of £9.99 / $9.99) has arrived to improve the visuals even further.

Unfortunately though, the upgrade process is unnecessarily confusing on Xbox. Instead of acting as a native Xbox Series X version of Wreckfest, the upgrade simply serves as DLC for the main game, and there's never any indication that you're playing a next-gen edition of the racer, which is bizarre to say the least. It's better to think of this upgrade as more of a graphics add-on, rather than a brand-new 'optimised' Xbox Series X and S addition.

In-game though, it genuinely does look better than ever on consoles, with significantly improved lighting and shadow effects, along with noticeably higher resolution textures across the board. If you're a massive fan of Wreckfest, you're going to be happy with the additions here - although keep in mind that (minor) frame rate dips seem slightly more common in this version when lots of vehicles are on screen at once, although never to any hugely detrimental effect.

You also get the benefit of up to 24-player multiplayer races with this upgrade - and races are always better and more carnage-filled if you can add more competitors into the mix - but unfortunately the vast majority of lobbies are still made up of 16 players on Xbox at the time of writing, and the few 24-player lobbies that crop up often seem very quiet.

The biggest bit of potential bad news arrives with the Xbox Series S version (which we unfortunately haven't had a chance to test), with early reports suggesting the frame rate can drop to unplayable levels when lots of action is happening on screen. We're assuming this will be fixed in a future update, but it seems like a false start for Series S.

Undoubtedly, Wreckfest itself is an absolutely fantastic racer and you'll have a blast on Series X regardless of whether you stick with the free 4K, 60FPS patch or go one step further with this paid next-gen upgrade. This is without doubt the definitive way to play the game on Xbox Series X, but thanks to that free patch a couple of months ago, there's really no need to pay the extra money unless you're a devoted Wreckfest nut.