Amidst all the craziness of the Xbox Showcase and everything else over the past few days, it may have completely passed you by that Rolling Hills: Make Sushi, Make Friends launched on Xbox Game Pass earlier this month, and after spending plenty of hours with it between all of these major events, it's proved the perfect way to unwind.

Rolling Hills essentially uses the Diner Dash formula at its core, as it sees you taking control of a Sushi Bot who's just opened their own restaurant, and your goal with each restaurant service is to serve the right meals while also paying attention to quickness, cleanliness and more. The better you do each time, the better your score ends up being.

Once the service is over, it's time to explore the village - where you'll find new recipes and ingredients to satisfy your customers, new decorations for your restaurant that can improve things like profitability and relaxation, and friends who can help you acquire new benefits as you progress through the game. An underlying story also runs through all of this, which gradually unravels as you continue to level up.

There's a charming art style and wholesomeness to Rolling Hills that's immediately captivating, and we've been pretty surprised by the level of depth that it provides - it's still a simple game, but the ability to explore beyond the confines of the restaurant was something we hadn't expected, and various aspects of the gameplay continue to evolve over time as well. The loop of serving customers, buying new ingredients and decorating your restaurant is an addictive one, and it's all backed up by a superb soundtrack that's become firmly stuck in our heads.

Of course, this all relies on you enjoying the repetitive loop that Rolling Hills offers, and if you don't... well, you're not going to stick with it. That's the downside here - it's a game that some people will bounce off very quickly, especially considering it's very easy in the first few hours. However, if you become as enticed by it as we have, you'll be in for a great experience with Rolling Hills: Make Sushi, Make Friends on Xbox Game Pass.