We were drawn to Golf Club: Wasteland from minute one. A golf game in which Earth is now a course for the ultra rich and the remains of civilization live on Mars? It's a great concept, and while the golf itself is nothing to write home about, it's the combination of everything else that makes Golf Club: Wasteland a memorable way to spend a few hours.

With this being a desolate Earth, you'll find yourself playing through crumbling museums, broken down housing areas and much more, and these holes are not easy, requiring almost too much accuracy in some circumstances. The mechanics are pretty much what you'd expect; use the analog stick to aim your shot and select your power - and you can choose to play in Story Mode (take as long as you need to complete each of the 35 holes), Challenge Mode (get under Par on each hole) or Iron Mode (zero room for error).

The way the golf plays is pretty much the same as any 2D golf game you might have come across, but the real charm of Golf Club: Wasteland is found in both its visuals and auditory elements. In particular, your entire playthrough is complimented by a fictional radio station called 'Radio Nostalgia from Mars', which not only features a host and survivors documenting their experiences on Mars, but also a purpose-created soundtrack.

It ends up feeling like the golf is really just a vessel to keep you busy, because 'Radio Nostalgia from Mars' dominates your attention from the outset. The tunes are fantastic, giving off a calm yet suitably eerie feel (they reminded us of Pink Floyd's 'The Wall'), and the in-between chatter from the radio host and various other speakers - along with Diary Entries you pick up along the way - help to flesh out the saddening yet darkly humorous fictional universe.

Ultimately, the main impression we've taken away from Golf Club: Wasteland is that it's an alright golf game on its own, but it's really not about the golf. You'll want to settle in with a nice pair of headphones when playing this one, let the game suck you into its unique concept and narrative, and we think you'll have a really good time with it. At a standard price of £8.29 / $9.99, it's a definitely a reasonable fee for an other-worldly round of golf.