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Yoostar on MTV isn’t a video game so much as it’s a toy that relies on the Kinect technology. Sure, there’s a score element, but that will never be the reason you play. The very definition of a party game, Yoostar on MTV will be a game that you bring out when you have lots of people over and the alcohol flows like Snoop Dogg's paying the bill.

The appeal of Yoostar on MTV is to film yourself acting out roles in music videos or some of MTV’s iconic television shows like Viva La Bam and Real World/Road Rules Challenge (oh yeah, Jersey Shore is in there too). You watch a short clip, select which role you’d like to play, then Kinect splices you into the footage as you perform. Afterwards you can watch the finished product and, if desired, upload the video to Yoostar’s database or share via Facebook or Twitter.

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The technology on display here is quite impressive; it’s a little fuzzy, but the game does a pretty good job of “cutting” out the background behind you when placing you into footage. It keeps track of what kinds of motions you’re supposed to be doing (such as when Bam Margera’s dad is tricked into brushing his teeth with meat paste in a Viva La Bam clip) and will wait until you perform that motion before the scene will continue. Speech recognition is highly accurate as well, and the game is quick to point out when you flub a line.

The entire game can be played solo (there are dozens and dozens of clips, several with multiple roles to try), but this isn't the kind of game you’ll buy for yourself. The real fun comes from filling a room with friends and having everyone take turns to make a fool of themselves. The same way that games like Rock Band and Dance Central have their fun exponentially multiplied with a group due to their performance-based gameplay, Yoostar on MTV is best enjoyed with several friends in tow.

One of the most fun parts of the game is ironically the least interactive; as anyone can upload their clips and share them online, viewing and rating the performances of strangers will have you laughing just as hard as anything on Wildboyz. The top-rated clip by the community during our play sessions was a performance of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face by a person dressed as the Joker from Batman — aptly titled Joker Face — with the lyrics rewritten to match.


There’s really not much to Yoostar on MTV; it’s even hard to categorise it as a video game. If you’re a fan of MTV’s stable of shows (there are a lot of them in here, even going as far back as stand-up comedy classic The State) and have always wanted to kill the radio star by performing in a music video, Yoostar on MTV is worth a look, but your fun will be sorely limited without company.