These Four Games Are Coming To Xbox Game Pass (June 12-18)

Microsoft has just revealed a fresh batch of Xbox Game Pass titles for June 2024, which includes the likes of the 2022 survival horror game The Callisto Protocol and the highly-anticipated day one release of Still Wakes The Deep!

Don't forget that Octopath Traveler and Octopath Traveler 2 have been added to Xbox Game Pass today as well:

Here's the list of titles coming to Xbox Game Pass from June 12-18:

Date Game Platforms
June 12 Depersonalization PC
June 13 Isonzo Console, PC, Cloud
June 13 The Callisto Protocol Console, PC, Cloud
June 18 Still Wakes The Deep Xbox Series X|S, PC, Cloud

Along with these, we know that five games will be leaving Xbox Game Pass on June 15th including two big favourites in the form of High On Life and Bramble: The Mountain King. All five games will be discounted by at least 20% until then.

Don't forget that the Xbox Games Showcase 2024 is right around the corner as well, and we're hoping that we might get a few Activision Blizzard titles added to Xbox Game Pass during the event. Let's keep our fingers crossed...

Which of these upcoming Xbox Game Pass titles are you most looking forward to? Tell us down below.