Rumour: Xbox Games Showcase To Feature First-Party Shadow Drop, Details On Portable Console

It's that time of year, folks! Showcase season is upon us, and in the run up to Microsoft's big Xbox Games Showcase this coming weekend, a bunch of leaks and rumours are starting to crop up - as is the norm with these sorts of things.

On the back of the rumour that Octopath Traveler 2 is coming to Xbox Game Pass imminently, that very same source is reporting some pretty major things to come from Team Xbox. Apparently, Microsoft will use its upcoming showcase to not only shadow-drop a first-party game, but to also unveil its long-rumoured portable console.

Now, we must stress that this information comes from well-known leaker 'eXtas1s' via a YouTube report - a report that's entirely in Spanish, so there's a chance that bits of this could have been mistranslated. Even so, a Reddit user has given it a go, and here's their summary of the video:

So, it looks like we won't find out exactly what this shadow-drop game turns out to be until the showcase happens, which is fine by us as that keeps it more of a surprise! Information about an Xbox handheld would certainly be interesting, but, we'll believe that one when we see it. To be fair, that's sound advice for this whole thing to be honest - take it all with a grain of salt until Xbox Games Showcase day this coming weekend!

Do you think any of this will actually happen? Discuss the Xbox Games Showcase rumours down below.