Update (Fri, 11:30pm): Well, it's official! The Alan Wake 2 Night Springs expansion is coming to Xbox Series X|S tomorrow, June 8th! We'll drop Remedy's reveal trailer for the new add-on up above.

It's also been announced that the game is getting a physical edition that's releasing later this year!

"Step into the world of Night Springs.

The first expansion for Alan Wake 2 brings three new episodes featuring some familiar characters as they experience the unexplainable. While similar to previously known characters, they are different—Night Springs versions of themselves.

Become the Time Breaker, manipulating time to rewrite your destiny. Embrace the cosmic mysteries as the North Star and unravel secrets that defy reason. Or channel your inner obsession as the Number One Fan, fighting the shadows in pursuit of truth and love."

Original Article (Wed, 6pm): In and amongst an absolutely stacked 2023 full of amazing games on Xbox, Alan Wake 2 still managed to stand out as a real high point, so, it's safe to say we're excited for Remedy's upcoming DLC plans. Those plans are mostly hidden away in Bright Falls right now, but the team is teasing a reveal for Summer Game Fest 2024.

Taking to Twitter this week, Remedy has posted a typically-cryptic tweet about something Alan Wake-related happening on June 7 - which happens to be the exact date of Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest livestream. Here's the post in question, along with a cheeky response from Xbox developer Compulsion Games:

All we really know about Alan Wake 2 DLC is that Remedy is planning two expansions to the 2023 hit, both of which make up the game's 'Deluxe Edition Upgrade'. That upgrade, along with the base game, is on sale right now on the Xbox Store - although it's probably worth waiting for Friday's show before putting down your hard earned cash on the upgrade!

Anyway, this is almost certainly a teaser for whatever Alan Wake 2's first expansion turns out to be (Geoff and Remedy often work together), and if you want to be there for the grand reveal, make sure you're tuning into Summer Game Fest later this week.

Excited for more Alan Wake 2, Night Springs fans? Tell us what you want Remedy to do with the DLC down below!