We're definitely adding this one to the wishlist! Metal Slug Tactics has officially been confirmed for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S today, and it comes with a release window of Fall 2024.

The game is a fresh spin on the Metal Slug formula in which you'll need to lead your squad to victory amidst hand-crafted maps, a roguelite progression system and a headbanging soundtrack created by Sonic Mania star Tee Lopes.

Everything we're seeing of this game suggests we're going to absolutely love it, so bring on the Xbox release this fall! If, like us, you can't wait until then, a demo will also be playable as part of the Steam Next Fest on PC starting June 10th.

"METAL SLUG makes an explosive return! Dive into this dynamic tactical RPG with a roguelite thrill and experience the iconic run'n'gun action of the original series, redefined. Grab your weapons, assemble your squad and conquer the battlefield to defeat the infamous Rebel Army."

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