Football Manager Acquires English Premier League License Ahead Of FM25 Launch

As if Football Manager wasn't incredible enough, SEGA has announced today that ahead of Football Manager 2025's release later this year, the game has acquired a four-year license to the English Premier League.

This means that going forward, every EPL team in Football Manager will be fully licensed with official logos, kits, and player photos, and that'll apply across all versions of the game including PC and Xbox. Here's what Miles Jacobson, Studio Director at FM developer Sports Interactive, had to say about the announcement today:

"The partnership isn’t just about the huge in-game benefits it’ll give our fans, but also the opportunities it provides us to help with the incredible things that the Premier League and their clubs do off the pitch. That includes community and charitable work, two things we’re enormously passionate about, as well as the ability to work with some of their existing partners."

“We are very grateful to the Premier League and their other partners in our space for enabling us to be an officially licensed product of the world’s most commercially successful football league."

Unsurprisingly, Football Manager 2024 has been a massive hit across Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass over the past few months, but we're expecting even bigger things from Football Manager 2025 - the series is undergoing a significant overhaul for its next iteration, which includes a new game engine in the form of Unity.

Hopefully we'll get more details on FM25 in the very near future, but for now, we're very much in the midst of an addiction to FM24 on PC Game Pass. Honestly, the subscription pretty much pays for itself for just this one game!

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