Disney Speedstorm happens to be one of our favourite free-to-play games here at Pure Xbox (we even included it in our Best Racing Games guide), so it's pretty awesome to see that none other than Kermit The Frog is joining the lineup!

Yes, as part of Season 7 of the game, Kermit is being added as part of a Limited Time Event. As far as we're aware, you'll be able to unlock him either as part of this event, or buy paying real money for him on the in-game store.

As mentioned, Disney Speedstorm is currently in the midst of its seventh season, with the current one being based around Wreck-It Ralph. Season 8 will be based around Inside Out, followed by Pirates of the Carribean in late summer.

The game rubs some people the wrong way because of how it requires you to unlock its characters, but it's very possible to achieve what you need without paying real money - we've never paid anything, and it's been great fun for us!

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