Rumour: 2K Could Be Partnering With FIFA On A New Football Game
Image: 2K Newsroom

As much as we've enjoyed our time with EA Sports FC in recent years (and even eFootball to a degree), it's always great to see more competition in the football/soccer space. The free-to-play release of UFL is just around the corner, and now if this rumour is to be believed, 2K might be preparing to take on the FIFA license in the near future.

You may have seen this gaining traction over the weekend courtesy of retailer MohPlay Inc, although a source for the information wasn't provided. We were a bit skeptical of that tweet in all honesty, but Insider Gaming's Mike Straw also followed up by claiming that an announcement could be on the way:

Mike Straw (February 12th): "I'm hearing rumors that FIFA/2K are working to announce a partnership for 2K to make an officially-licensed FIFA game. Working to hopefully land more on this."

Mike Straw (May 26th): "More smoke to this. No one is willing to talk to me on the record about it, but we could be getting an announcement of a new partnership sooner rather than later."

So, it certainly sounds possible that 2K could be taking on the FIFA license. When EA decided not to renew the FIFA name a few years ago, Take-Two's CEO praised FIFA as having a "great brand" with "incredible clout", while also indicating that the company was interested in "expanding our opportunities in sports".

The tweet from MohPlay Inc that gained attention this past weekend claimed that FIFA 2K25 could be set to launch as soon as this year, but that sounds like a pretty rapid turnaround to us. Then again, maybe we're in for a surprise!

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