Report: GTA Owner Take-Two Plans To Shut Down Two Development Studios

Unfortunately, we have more layoff news coming through today as GTA owner Take-Two Interactive reportedly plans to close two of its internal developers. Those two teams are supposedly Rollerdrome and OlliOlli World dev 'Roll7' along with Kerbal Space Program 2 makers 'Intercept Games'.

Bloomberg's Jason Schreier is reporting on this information at the moment, claiming that Roll7 is closing down in its entirety and that Intercept Games will lose roughly 70 staff - which happens to be the size of the whole studio. For now, Take-Two hasn't confirmed these specific closures, but it has provided a response to this report, saying that it "is not providing additional details" on its April layoffs at this time.

Despite this sentiment, Take-Two did also say to Bloomberg that it "continues to make updates to Kerbal Space Program 2", insinuating that the team still has plans for the evolving Early Access space sim - at least for now.

If true, this is unfortunate news, and we hope that anyone affected by these layoffs at Take-Two lands on their feet. Earlier this week, the team behind Deliver Us The Moon and Deliver Us Mars confirmed huge layoffs at its Dutch studio as well - in what's quickly becoming a turbulent period for game developers.

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