Kona 2: Brume Is Available Today With Xbox Game Pass (May 7)

Welcome to your latest Xbox Game Pass library update! Today, developer Parabole welcomes you to the Canadian wilderness in Kona 2: Brume, the recent sequel to 2017's Kona; which is already in the Game Pass library.

Here's a quick look at Kona 2, which is now live on Xbox Game Pass:

Kona 2: Brume (Console, PC, Cloud)

"Northern Québec, 1970: A mining village is enveloped in a distorted reality by a mysterious mist—the Brume. Step back into your role as Detective Carl Faubert, now tasked with uncovering the enigmatic origins of this disruptive force. Navigate the snow-swept landscapes and encounter stranded victims and survivors of a devastating avalanche. Your ultimate mission: to trace the dark secret behind the Brume and strive to eliminate it."

Will you be playing Kona 2: Brume on Xbox Game Pass? Comment down below and let us know!