343's latest title Halo Infinite has just rolled out its new update 'Banished Operations', and it comes loaded with new content, bug fixes, several new features as well as new in-game currency and an Exchange shop.

This new form of currency is called "Spartan Points" (SP) and can be earned by completing Daily and Ultimate Challenges, or levelling up Operation Passes. These points can then be used at the Exchange shop to purchase previously available limited-time offers and rewards.

Here are the full details about Spartan Points:

  • Daily Challenges: Complete a match of multiplayer matchmaking to receive 250 SP each day. This challenge resets every day at 10am PT.
  • Ultimate Challenges: After completing all available Weekly Challenges, the Ultimate Challenge will become available. Completing this Ultimate Challenge will reward 1,000 SP. Weekly and Ultimate Challenges reset every Tuesday at 10am PT.
  • New Operation Passes: Starting with this update, all Operation Passes will include 15,000 SP distributed throughout various reward tiers.
    • Spartan Points earned through the Operation Pass will not expire once an Operation ends, meaning earned SP can be carried over between Operations. Spartan Points have not been added into previously released Operation Passes.

Spartan Points have previously been featured in Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

A screenshot of the Exchange menu

You can get a detailed rundown about this latest update on the Halo Waypoint website.

How are you finding this new update so far? What do you think of the other features? Leave a comment below.