Following some previews in April, the highly anticipated roguelike Hades 2 has now got an early access launch.

Unfortunately, it's only for PC right now, but it could be a sign that an update about the Xbox version of Hades 2 is nearby. Supergiant's official website notes how the title is expected to be in "early access at least through to the end of 2024" and after this, it should eventually be made available on consoles.

However, the developer can't actually confirm which console platforms the game will be released on just yet.

"We do not have a release date set for the completed Hades II v1.0, and expect to be in Early Access at least through the end of 2024. We expect for Hades II to eventually be available for PC, Mac, and console platforms (though cannot confirm which platforms yet)."

According to the Steam reviews so far, the sequel to Hades has had an "overwhelmingly positive" reception. Critics also seem to be quite impressed.

Are you excited about Hades 2? Will you be checking out the early access version or holding out for the console release? Let us know in the comments.