Ever since Hellblade 2 was unveiled alongside the Xbox Series X, we've expected the game to be a looker, and that's exactly what Ninja Theory's sequel delivered earlier this week. Of course, that means that the tech aficionados over at Digital Foundry have been keeping a close eye on the game as well - and now the outlet's official tech review is out.

We've dropped the video version of the big DF review up above, and you only have to look at the video title to know what we're in for here. Hellblade 2 has been described as "the best looking example" of a proper current-gen Unreal Engine 5 game so far - making use of a full suite of UE5 features.

"The real magic stems from the combination of all these techniques by the game's artists. This isn't the first shipping game to use these features but it is, arguably, the best looking example we've seen thus far. Of course, all of this does come at a cost - frame-rate but this topic is a little tricky regarding a game like this.

So, as has been known for a while, Hellblade 2 is limited to 30 frames per second on Xbox consoles. It does reach this target flawlessly in my experience with virtually zero hiccups - it runs at 30fps and 30fps is exactly what you'll get from start to finish."

As mentioned in the above quote, Ninja Theory has had to limit the game to 30FPS to achieve these gorgeous visuals - but in such a slow-paced, cinematic affair we think the trade-off is probably worth it. Towards the end of the review, DF agrees, saying that Hellblade 2 "absolutely should be experienced".

"I think it's great that such an experience can be made at this level of fidelity. Whether it's for you or not is down to personal taste but what is here has been executed perfectly and that deserves kudos. Ninja Theory has made one of the most technically accomplished examples of real-time graphics we've seen to date and it absolutely should be experienced."

It sounds like tech buffs everywhere should probably give this game a go, then! What Ninja Theory has produced here is very impressive, and while us at Pure Xbox don't think the gameplay quite matches up to the game's stunning tech, we do recommend that folks give it a try to see what they make of it.

Impressed by all of this? Tell us your thoughts on Hellblade 2 so far down below.

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