Crash, Spyro Dev Website Replaced With Mysterious Logo

Spyro Reignited Trilogy and Crash Team Rumble developer Toys for Bob appears to be teasing some sort of announcement, as its website transitions to a simple static logo on the back of going independent earlier this year.

For now, the team hasn't accompanied this website change with any sort of public teaser, so who knows what happens next. As for what the the logo could mean, who knows, but the image looks eerily similar to the 'Aku Aku' character from Crash - and it's also purple which is of course synonymous with Spyro The Dragon.

There's no guarantee that this is related to a new project announcement - it could just be a new website design as the studio transitions away from Activision ownership. Back in March we heard reports that the team had reached an agreement with Xbox on its next game though, which was described as "similar to games Toys for Bob has made in the past".

Anyway, let's see how all of this shakes out - we're certainly intrigued about what's to come from Toys for Bob. Their Spyro remasters were fantastic and we'd love a brand-new Spyro entry some day. Here's hoping!

Which would you prefer, more Crash or more Spyro? Tell us your favourite of the two ActiBlizz mascots down below.