Cassette Beasts made its Xbox Game Pass debut last year to critical acclaim, and it's getting even better today with the arrival of a multiplayer update which adds various new ways to play, including co-op raids and PvP battles.

Specifically, Cassette Beasts's multiplayer update adds the following across Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch:

"Beginning today, players can party and explore the world of Cassette Beasts with up to 8 friends, all visible in their world, as well as join a “Play With Friends” mode, where they can match with anyone on their friends list via an invite code. The multiplayer update allows players to challenge their friends in PvP battles and assign custom rules to their battle such as enabling/disabling sticker attributes, as well as team up for 2-player co-op raids against Rogue Fusions, and trade tapes with each other."

If you haven't heard of it, Cassette Beasts basically uses the Pokémon formula to deliver an open-world RPG with a twist - cassette tapes are used to store your monsters, and a "Fusion System" allows you to create unique monster forms.

We think it's definitely a worth a try on Xbox or PC Game Pass, and the Steam reviews agree with us - Cassette Beasts currently boasts an "Overwhelmingly Positive" average rating on that platform right now. Now's the time to jump in!

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