Bethesda Developers Now Have Stronger Employee Rights Within Microsoft

Bethesda's parent company, ZeniMax Studios, has today announced that its workers now have stronger rights within Xbox - as Microsoft strikes a 'labour neutrality agreement' with the Communications Workers of America (CWA).

The Xbox owner first entered into such an agreement way back in summer 2022, amidst the whirlwind of Activision Blizzard news we were all subject to back then. Once the ActiBlizz deal was passed late last year, Microsoft commented that it was still working on the agreement with the CWA, and today's news proves that to be correct.

Here's what ZeniMax worker Page Branson had to say on the matter:

"Thousands of our ZeniMax co-workers now have a free and fair path to organise together for better working conditions. When we organised our union under a similar legal agreement the process was clear and management did not try to influence anyone’s decision and the company did not try to interfere with the voting process.

There is strength in numbers, and as our numbers grow at ZeniMax, at Microsoft, and in the video game industry, we will gain the respect we deserve and raise the standards of working conditions for everyone across the video gaming industry. When we benefit, the consumer and the company will ultimately benefit with us and help keep this industry stable for current and future workers."

Of course, this is a timely development considering that earlier this month, Microsoft made huge cuts across Bethesda teams, including complete studio closures. It's unclear whether such an agreement would have altered the course of history here, but clearly, ZeniMax developers are working towards a future with more employment security.

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