We'll be honest, when our friends over at Nintendo Life started raving this week about how incredible the new metroidvania "Animal Well" is, we had to stop and question whether we'd somehow overlooked this brand-new release.

And yes, we did overlook it - but for one good reason. Animal Well, which is getting an outstanding reception from both critics and players so far, isn't available on Xbox at launch - it's only on PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Is Animal Well Coming To Xbox?

Unfortunately, there are no signs of Animal Well getting an Xbox version as things stand.

We've seen a large number of requests for an Xbox port of the game, but based on what we can see, it doesn't appear that the developer has responded to any of them. For whatever reason, it's just those three platforms for now.

It's a real shame that Animal Well isn't on Xbox at launch, as the Steam reception has been "Overwhelmingly Positive" and it's actually fifth in the "Top Sellers" chart on the Steam store at the time of writing. The Metacritic sits at an incredible 91 for PC right now, and our sister site Nintendo Life gave the game a very rare 10/10.

Here's hoping we'll find out more in the future about an Xbox version of Animal Well. Surely it has to happen?!

"Explore a dense, interconnected labyrinth, and unravel its many secrets. Collect items to manipulate your environment in surprising and meaningful ways. Encounter beautiful and unsettling creatures, as you attempt to survive what lurks in the dark. There is more than what you see."

Are you disappointed to see Animal Well missing out on an Xbox version? Tell us in the comments below.