A Bunch Of New Games Have Entered The Xbox Charts This Week

The "Top Paid" Xbox charts have been refreshed once again over the past couple of days, and alongside some of the big sellers from the most recent selection of Xbox deals, we've also got quite a few new releases in the mix.

We've mentioned the success of Sker Ritual and House Flipper 2 before, and it's no surprise to see TopSpin 2K25 in here as well. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade has got off to a good start, and there's also a place for the online adventure game Age of Water, which just launched in early access to "Mixed" reviews last week.

Here's what some Xbox owners have been saying about Age of Water so far, which is getting everything from one-star to five-star ratings on the Xbox Store (the average will probably land somewhere in the middle):

DeputyDoofys on Xbox: "Crafting-good, gameplay-outstanding, story-interesting so far, loot system-engaging, graphics-good with cool art style, water physics-excellent, overall game is pretty fun so far, its mostly sailing around and fighting and crafting ships, UI controls could use tweaked a bit."

KingLitoXCIX on Xbox: "Not bad, not great either. Desperate for a multiplayer pirate game? Not a fan of Sea of Thieves or Skull and Bones? Age of Water is worth a try. Its an MMO, they need to cook this some more. No controller invert Y (have to change invert Y through Xbox settings). Enemies see you instantly."

MIGMallard on Xbox: "Not worth $30. feels like a free indie game. Most of your time is spent traveling across the map seeing nothing new or exciting. Not saying its bad. But NOT worth the price. And no you can not leave the ship or share quests in co-op. Was expecting underwater adventures and to be able to explore cities. All you will see is endless water and the occasional rock you can search. Achievements are also stupid impossible to get. Destroy 100,000 ships? Have fun playing only this game for 2 years."

The following games are all classed as "New" releases on the Xbox Store and have made the Top 100 in the current Xbox paid chart in the UK and/or the US. You can check out their trailers along with more information down below.

Sker Ritual

"An intense round-based zombie survival FPS, play solo or co-op. Shoot your way through relentless waves of vicious horrors with high-octane objectives, upgrading steampunk weapons, collecting Celtic God powers, and surviving the onslaught of the Quiet Ones."

TopSpin 2K25

The TopSpin franchise returns with TopSpin 2K25, featuring tennis legends Roger Federer, Serena Williams, and a cast of other playable pros, competitive single-player and multiplayer modes, all four historic Grand Slams®, and much more!

TMNT Arcade: Wrath Of The Mutants

"Re-experience the 2017 arcade classic with 3 additional stages and 6 additional boss battles! Take control of Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello or Raphael in this classic beat-em-up inspired by the cult favorite Turtles in Time."

House Flipper 2

"It's time to dust off your hammer - House Flipper is back in a brand-new fashion! Buy and renovate run-down houses! Or maybe you want to build new ones? Now you can! Start as a rookie Flipper and make a fortune by helping out the community of the charming town of Pinnacove."

Age of Water

Age of Water is an online adventure game set on a post-apocalyptic Earth completely covered in water. Sail through storms, fight and trade, capture other people's boats or build your own, extract resources from the bottom of the ocean and reveal the secrets of the Age of Water world.

Hidden Cats in New York

"Meow meow! Kittens are hidden in New York, let's find them all. A short and pleasant experience! Relax and find all the cats one by one to reveal the final colored art. Play through different modes, find special cats, and unlock bonus levels! More than 770 hidden objects to find!"


"PERISH is a stylish 1-4 player FPS with a cross to bear. Slay hordes of creatures on the black sands of Purgatory and sell their gold-stained corpses to craven priests. Kill magnificent bosses and use the proceeds to gain entrance to Elysium, a place of cosmic revelations."

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