Xbox Launches Free Educational 'Field Trips' Based On Seven Game Pass Titles

If you're like us, you've probably been told at least once in your life that you "can't learn anything from games". That's obviously not true, and Xbox is showcasing that as part of a new "Field Trips" initiative in the UK.

For this, Xbox has picked out seven Game Pass titles to build "immersive audio learning journeys" around, with an aim to "blend immersive gameplay with audio prompts that reinforce cognitive skills and learning".

"Not all skills are learned in the classroom, and not everyone learns the same way. Research suggests that gaming can play a big role in helping children develop important life skills by creating engaging and immersive learning experiences that foster young minds."

"Beyond Xbox: Field Trips invites children to embark on immersive audio learning journeys into some of our biggest gaming titles. The aim of the project is to blend immersive gameplay with audio prompts that reinforce cognitive skills and learning – but most importantly, the development of soft skills like creative problem solving, teamwork and collaboration."

How this works is that you'll need to start up Spotify on your Xbox console and search for "Beyond Xbox: Field Trips". There are seven episodes based around seven games, so pick the one you want, and start playing the audio.

Then, load up the game itself, and the recording will take you through a 45-minute learning journey. Each of these episodes are also available as a downloadable E-Book (via the Xbox website) if you want a visual guide as well.

Here's a sample from the Sea of Thieves one:

"The compass is probably one of the most important tools to any seafaring person. It consists of a magnetic needle mounted on a pin, which can spin freely, but will always point north."

"A compass works because Earth is actually a big magnet – which has two main centres of force. These are called the poles and have one at each end - north and south. During the 1100s, people in China and Europe first learned how to make magnetic compasses. They discovered that when a magnetised bit of iron floated in water, it pointed north and sailors soon began to use compasses to navigate through the oceans."

If you need more information on Beyond Xbox: Field Trips, the official Xbox website is packed with details that will help you get started, including details on how the initiative has been put together, as well as the skills that children will learn.

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