Todd Howard On Elder Scrolls TV Show: There's Nothing In The Works But 'You Never Know'
Image: Bethesda

Amazon Prime's Fallout series has got off to an incredibly positive start, and it's already raised some questions about which other Bethesda franchises could be adapted for this format.

One obvious series that comes to mind is The Elder Scrolls, so what are the chances? Speaking to IGN, Bethesda's Todd Howard (who was the executive producer on the Fallout show) mentioned how he'll probably keep saying "no" to the idea of an adaptation but "you never know" what could happen.

"Everybody asks, like, about Elder Scrolls, and I keep saying no also. And I would approach those - I'll probably say no. You never know if someone's gunna click."

"I can't predict the future..."

So, right now there's "nothing in the works" in terms of an Elder Scrolls adaptation, and Howard suggested that he doesn't want to force anything into becoming a reality.

Elsewhere, Fallout 4's next-generation update for Xbox Series X|S has also been confirmed for later this month, and The Elder Scrolls Online is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary.

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