Rumour: Destiny 3 Is In Development At Bungie Under The Codename 'Payback'

Yesterday, Bungie dropped its big gameplay trailer for Destiny 2: The Final Shape, marking what is expected to be the game's last major expansion and the end of the D2 era. While it looks like the team will go out with a bang on all-things Destiny 2 with TFS, rumours are starting to swirl about what's next for the franchise.

These rumours stem from a mysterious Reddit user who correctly revealed a bunch of The Final Shape's details around a month ago (thanks, Forbes). During that reveal, they mentioned Destiny 3 as 'Codename Payback' - and have since spoken about the sequel again in a brand-new post made public after their Final Shape leaks came true.

Here's that new post, which divulges more information about Bungie's potential sequel alongside what this codename actually means:

This rumoured information hasn't been confirmed yet, and Destiny 3 has certainly not been announced by Bungie in any official capacity. Having said that, the leaker's information about The Final Shape seemed pretty spot-on, so we'll just have to play the waiting game on Destiny 3.

In the meantime, Destiny 2: The Final Shape comes to Xbox on June 4th, 2024 - and you can check out the team's brand-new trailer for that down below.

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