Random: Gears Of War Creator Reminds Fans He Can't Revive Games He Doesn't Have Rights To

The Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski has previously voiced his interest in returning to the series, but he's recently taken to social reiterate that it's mostly out of his control. Here's what he had to say in his latest post (via social media):

"Please stop asking me to bring back games that I don't have the rights to.
It's exhausting. I've moved on. I wish y'all would too."

Earlier this year, he mentioned how he still had "plenty of ideas about where the franchise could go" and would love "nothing more to have somebody reach out" - reminding everyone how Phil Spencer has his phone number.

Of course, Gears wasn't his only series - and this is what Bleszinski is kind of getting at here, he's technically "moved on" from his past games and hits, quite literally selling off the rights, so there's not much he can do unless he's approached.

Would you like to see Cliff Bleszinski one day return to video game development? Let us know.

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