There's been plenty of news about Xbox games moving over to PlayStation recently, but how about one coming the other way? Well, 2021's Kena: Bridge of Spirits has just been ESRB rated for an upcoming Xbox Series X|S release.

There's no release date attached just yet, but this colourful action-adventure game is seemingly coming to current-gen Xbox consoles in the future. 'Kena' was developed by indie studio Ember Labs so it's not a Sony first-party game, but it's still a former-PlayStation title making its way to Xbox after three-or-so years of exclusivity!

This is quite an impressive looking title, and we're interested in seeing how it shapes up on Xbox when it finally makes its way over. Here's a quick description of the game, alongside some PC screenshots:

"A story-driven, action adventure combining exploration with fast-paced combat. Untangle the past as Kena, a young Spirit Guide in search of the sacred Mountain Shrine. Help free the spirits trapped in a forgotten village with the help of the Rot, her adorable (yet powerful) spirit companions."

Will you be playing this one when it comes to Xbox? Tell us your thoughts down below.