Back at the end of March, an indie game by the name of Stunt Paradise made its debut on Xbox and other platforms, and clearly it's been a hit so far! Better yet, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has been spotted enjoying it as well.

The developers of Stunt Paradise took to social media yesterday to showcase Phil's gameplay clip:

Taking a glance at the Xbox Store reviews, they're almost unanimously positive for Stunt Paradise right now, with many people making the connection with the popular Trials series. We'll throw some examples below:

i x danny x on Xbox: Very much a Trials-like racer, i enjoyed the action sections & varying challenge, good variety of cars and controls feel responsive, solid 8/10.

xdigital17 on Xbox: "A simple & affordable game with nice graphics, tight control, & a rockin' metal soundtrack! Left stick tilts your car & L/R Triggers are Reverse/ couldn't be any easier! There are a nice number of levels & cars to unlock. Plus, as of right now, there is 2000 Gamerscore to get & I beat the 20 levels pretty quickly. (You get 100g per level & they are short!) Worth it."

We haven't played this one for ourselves yet, but we're pretty tempted now - especially considering it's only £6.69 / $7.99 on the Xbox Store! Interestingly, Stunt Paradise was made by only two developers, and it's the same studio (Brinemedia) behind the Zombie Derby games that originated during the Xbox One era.

Have you played Stunt Paradise on Xbox yet? Is it worth the money? Let us know in the comments down below.