Immortals Of Aveum Dev Reportedly Furloughs 'Majority' Of Staff

EA's magic-based FPS Immortals of Aveum always seems to be tied up in some sort of drama, and this week is no different, unfortunately. According to a developer who worked on the title before moving onto a different job, Ascendant Studios has "furloughed the majority of their staff" in 2024.

The developer posted about the news on LinkedIn, where they also predicted that this 'majority' of staff could be around 30 workers or so. Nicole Carpenter, a senior reporter at outlet Polygon, has also corroborated the news - without being able to confirm exact numbers.

Just weeks after Immortals of Aveum first came to Xbox last summer, the team officially laid off roughly 45% of its staff to "adjust" after shipping the game. At the moment this furlough news hasn't been confirmed by the team, but if true, it could spell trouble for the studio and its future.

Having said that, it was only back in February that studio founder Bret Robbins made the bold claim that "the story of Immortals isn't written yet", so it looks like we'll have to wait and see how all of this plays out in the coming months.

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