Fortnite Adds Support For Guitar Controllers In Latest Xbox Update

For those PX users who have been keeping an eye on the PDP Riffmaster and Fortnite Festival's incoming support for guitar controllers on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, we've got some great news to share today!

Epic Games has announced that guitars are now supported on Xbox for special "Pro Lead" and "Pro Bass" song parts on the "Main Stage" of Fortnite Festival. This includes support for both Rock Band 4 and the new Riffmaster controllers.

If you're not aware, Fortnite Festival essentially replaced Rock Band 4 when RB4's DLC came to an end earlier this year, and it's the same basic concept but with a Fortnite twist. RB4 is still playable as well, and all DLC remains purchasable.

The announcement coincides with the release of the PDP Riffmaster, which is a new guitar controller for Xbox and PC (there's a PS5 version as well). Pre-orders have been selling out extremely quickly for this one, so we recommend keeping a close eye on stock updates if you're interested. You can check out some product links down below too.

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Looking forward to trying Fortnite Festival with your Xbox guitar controller? Tell us in the comments.