Former Xbox Exec Likes The Idea Of 'Tipping' Developers After Beating Their Games

The price of AAA games has been a hot topic recently, especially with the move to $70 releases, but one former Xbox & Blizzard exec has taken to social media to express that they'd actually like the option to give devs more money for their releases.

Yep, Mike Ybarra — who left Xbox/Blizzard earlier this year — has posted about a new idea in regards to video game monetisation. Basically, Ybarra would like to see a 'tipping' option implemented into games - for when you love a game so much that you'd like to give a bit extra towards the development team.

We'll drop Ybarra's full post down below, which goes into a bit more detail about the former Xbox exec's idea of video game tipping:

We can definitely see the logic behind Ybarra's idea, and it'd certainly be an interesting feature if it was purely optional. However, DLC packs are often priced higher than games compared to the development investment put into them, and we sort of see buying add-ons for games as a way to put forward more money to a dev team - and most games do have some form of DLC these days.

Anyway, Ybarra's post has gained some quite varied responses from fans as you'd probably expect - with lots of different opinions on the idea. We'd like to hear what you think though! Good idea, bad idea?

Vote in the poll below and talk more about this concept in the comments section.

Would You Like To Be Able To 'Tip' Game Devs? (279 votes)

  1. Absolutely, this is a great idea!5%
  2. Yep, but it should be discreet and not pushy22%
  3. Meh, I'm indifferent to the idea13%
  4. Not at all, games are expensive enough as it is!60%