Blizzard Says It's Already 'Benefitting' From From Being A Part Of Xbox

It's no doubt a pretty huge task to incorporate a team like Blizzard into your organisation - we've already seen evidence of this back in January when a studio shakeup resulted in a cancelled Blizzard project. However, things seem to have settled down since, and a new comment from one Blizzard dev suggests that the team is already benefitting from Xbox integration.

Speaking to VGC, World of Warcraft executive producer Holly Longdale says that Blizzard has had "helpful" meetings with Minecraft developer Mojang and the team behind The Elder Scrolls Online - mere months since being acquired by Microsoft.

"We got time with Helen Chang from Mojang, and we were sharing information, so it’s almost as if we have access to what worked for them. We got to speak to the Elder Scrolls Online team and share what we’re up to and what’s been working, it’s almost like we get a benefit."

Longdale went on to say that, ultimately, Xbox has "let Blizzard be Blizzard" so far, and that the WoW team hasn't been asked to do anything specific - they've just kept working on the MMO, allowing them to "let it [World of Warcraft] keep being awesome".

As for Blizzard's future, we'll have to wait and see what it's working on under the Xbox banner. Diablo 4 has marked the first ActiBlizz title to come to Xbox Game Pass, and we're excited to see what else comes from them down the line.

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