Bethesda's Todd Howard Says 'Really Good Updates' Are Coming For Starfield

It might be Fallout hype season over at Bethesda HQ thanks to the Amazon Prime TV show, but plenty of focus is still on the company's other games and IP at the moment. The Elder Scrolls 6 is the next biggie in the pipeline, but Starfield is still being worked on at Bethesda Game Studios.

In a new interview with IGN, Bethesda's Todd Howard gave a small update on the future of its space-faring Xbox RPG. To cut to the chase, "really good updates" are being worked on at BGS - updates "that are going to get announced soon".

We don't get any more detail than that from this interview, but this could point towards many different Starfield-related things. Each month, the team keeps dropping feature-packed updates, and of course - we have that much-awaited story expansion coming sometime in the near future.

Aside from Starfield, Todd did also drop a brief mention about the upcoming Elder Scrolls sequel. The Bethesda bigwig reiterated that "our focus as far as new development right now is Elder Scrolls 6", so don't expect any major BGS Fallout projects to be pipping The Elder Scrolls 6 to the finish line.

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