Xbox Game Pass is benefiting from a pretty massive set of additions this Thursday (April 25th), with Fallout 4's next-gen update and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor both landing around the same time. Sandwiched amongst them is a brand-new day one addition that might go under the radar, but it definitely sounds like one to keep an eye on!

That game is called Another Crab's Treasure, and it's described as a "soulslike adventure" in which you'll need to pick up and equip trash around you, using it as armour against enemies that are many times your size.

Launching on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S (as well as PC and Xbox Cloud Gaming), Another Crab's Treasure is the second game from the conveniently named developer Aggro Crab, which previously worked on the satirical dungeon crawler Going Under - a game that has an impressive 78 average rating on Metacritic.

So, look out for Another Crab's Treasure on Xbox Game Pass this Thursday... we're looking forward to it!

"Another Crab’s Treasure is a soulslike adventure set in a crumbling underwater world. As Kril the hermit crab, you’ll need to wear the trash around you as shells to withstand attacks from enemies many times your size. Embark on an epic treasure hunt to buy back your repossessed shell, and discover the dark secrets behind the polluted ocean."

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