It's been the best part of a month since THQ Nordic brought the Alone in the Dark series back into the limelight, and despite a middling critical reception, Digital Foundry is fairly impressed with the tech behind title - especially when it comes to console performance.

In a new tech analysis, the outlet takes a look at Alone in the Dark across PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, with the game's performance mode a clear recommendation across all three consoles. Here's a quick snippet from DF on how that performance mode holds up on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S:

"Switching to Xbox Series X on its performance mode, we're again faced with a dynamic 1080p to 4K range. Image clarity is in the same place as PS5 on average. There's a decent lock at 60fps mostly here too, except rapid movement is more of an issue on Series X. [...] It's an extra distraction the game doesn't really need, but mostly it is in the right place at 60fps.

Last up is Series S in its performance mode. In terms of resolution this is striving for 900p at best, with a lower bounds of 800x450. And in a bid to keep 60fps in check - which to its credit, it does most of the time - the typical resolution often falls in between those figures, at 684p. [...] Sadly, this is the sacrifice, along with the lower texture resolution, to get to 60fps."

Clearly, Series S is struggling when it comes to putting out a higher-res image with Alone in the Dark, but we're glad to see a solid performance mode featured here - the console often misses out compared to Xbox Series X. Despite that lower res, the video up above shows that performance mode is still probably the best way to play on any console.

It's certainly the way we played the game on Xbox Series X last month, where overall performance was never a major issue aside from the odd glitch / crash. If you want to read up on our thoughts of the survival horror title, check out the full Pure Xbox review down below.

Does this convince you to go ahead and pick up Alone in the Dark? Tell us what you think down below.