SteamWorld Build landed on Xbox Game Pass last December, and it seemed to go down quite well with critics around launch - including us here at Pure Xbox. However, the commercial side of things hasn't quite matched up to the game's critical reception according to publisher Thunderful.

As revealed in the company's latest financial report (thanks, Nintendo Life), SteamWorld Build's December sales "fell slightly short" of expectations, despite the company being pleased in gaining "new momentum with regard to our most important IP".

As the game launched day one on Xbox Game Pass, that move could have hurt sales in some fashion and contributed to less-than-ideal commercial performance for the team. However, Thunderful says that the game being "not well-suited to Switch" didn't help as the Nintendo console has been a "key platform" for the series.

The team has lots of upcoming plans for its SteamWorld franchise, although one title has seemingly been cancelled internally. Three more series entries were in the works as of early 2023, but those plans seem to have changed slightly this year.

Did you play and enjoy SteamWorld Build? Discuss Thunderful's latest comments on the game down below.

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