Rumour: Xbox To Release White, All-Digital Series X This Summer

Microsoft is reportedly planning a digital Xbox Series X console launch very, very soon. According to outlet eXputer, we're set to get a white digital Xbox Series X this summer, with a June or July release date currently outed.

The rumour originates from insider eXtas1s (Twitter), who speculates that the console could also be "$50-$100 lower" than the normal Series X, considering its all-digital nature. However, the report is keen to note that pricing info isn't known at the time of publishing.

Other enhancements are set to include "an improved heatsink" and "an upgraded Nexus card" over the base Xbox Series X - improved internals would make sense considering the original system is almost four years old at this stage.

Now, this is all rumour at the moment and should be treated as such - the report even mentions that there are "chances for a slight delay" on that current release window. Microsoft announced last week that it had plans for hardware announcements in Holiday 2024, so we'll have to wait and see if this reported white Series X is part of those plans.

Would you be tempted to pick one of these up if true? Go ahead and discuss this report down below.