Similar to Palworld and Kingmakers in recent weeks, Pacific Drive is another game that's seemingly come out of nowhere to receive large attention in a short space of time - but unfortunately it's not coming to Xbox at launch.

That's because it's seemingly a timed PlayStation exclusive for consoles, although it is also available on PC. As a result, developer Ironwood Studios has been getting a ton of questions about an Xbox version, which has prompted a reply.

Here's what the Pacific Drive team had to say about a potential Xbox version:

"We don't have anything new to say regarding any additional versions of the game, when we do, we'll make an announcement!"

There's nothing particularly surprising about statements like this when a game has timed exclusivity, so unfortunately we're not expecting to see Pacific Drive on Xbox for at least a few months, if not a year or longer.

The game itself is a first-person driving survival experience in which you face "supernatural dangers" while trying to stay alive with just your car as your companion. Our sister site Push Square recently gave it a "Great" 8/10 rating, calling it "an arduous journey at times, but definitely worth the trip". Hopefully we see it on Xbox one day!

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