LOTR: Gollum Haunts Us Again Thanks To Elaborate Custom Xbox Series X

It's no secret at this point that The Lord of the Rings: Gollum hardly set the world on fire last year, but the team did do its best to inject some life into a custom Xbox Series X console based on the title. Unveiled around the launch of the game as part of an online competition, this LOTR: Gollum console is pretty slick - and a console collector has shown it off in a little more detail.

Interestingly, the collector has shown that this particular console was limited to just 10 units, with them acquiring console number eight as part of their collection. Here's a closer look at the system:

"Here’s a really neat one, and pretty proud of this bad boy. Promo console for the Lord of the Rings: Gollum game. 10 consoles were produced, and this is number 8/10. As far as I can tell from the limited pictures I’ve seen of some of the others, all of the consoles have the same graphics and textured mountains on them. Though the controllers appear to be hand painted, as the lines in the designs are slightly different."

Despite the disappointment of Gollum as a video game, this is a pretty cool console we must admit. We particularly like the accompanying controller - something like that on Xbox Design Lab would be very cool as a 'glow' effect sort of thing! The owner does say that the controller appears to be hand painted though, so mass producing them is probably wishful thinking.

Anyway, we thought we'd share this as we didn't see any of these consoles floating around in-person at launch. It's a shame the game didn't turn out as we all wanted, but this console is very cool and we'd gladly have it in our collection!

What do you think to this Series X console? Would you have it despite the quality of the game itself? Drop your precious thoughts down below.