EA's latest Need for Speed title launched in late 2022, followed up by a solid year of free and premium content updates throughout last year. Well, as we move into 2024 the team has announced that it has plans for "another year of live service" for Need for Speed Unbound.

That live service plan will contain "four new volumes of content over the next 12 months, featuring themed content updates, new modes, events, challenges, ranks, vehicles, and new progression opportunities."

Here's a bit more on what to expect from the team:

"Starting with Volume 6, each volume will include a Speed Pass which includes 45 tiers of free content and a Premium Speed Pass with 30 extra paid tiers of premium items. Two new fully customizable cars will also be introduced as part of the Speed Pass, as well as other customization content. In these updates, the NFS team will also focus on addressing most requested bug fixes and improvements."

In addition to this teaser on what's to come, EA has also provided a 2024 roadmap for NFS Unbound, which we'll drop down below.

EA Is Bringing Another Year Of Content Updates To Need For Speed Unbound

Back at launch, we quite liked our opening hours with this latest Need for Speed title, although we must admit we've not returned to it much since. Still, if you'd like to read up on our initial thoughts on NFS Unbound, feel free to check them out below, and remember this is now an Xbox Game Pass title thanks to EA Play!

Excited to see more from NFS Unbound in 2024? Do tell us your thoughts on this plan down below.