Avowed's Gorgeous Key Art Has Been Turned Into An Xbox Series X|S Dynamic Background

Obsidian's Avowed has been in the limelight a lot recently, especially since its Xbox Developer Direct showing back in January. We were impressed by the strides this Xbox RPG has made since last summer, and some of the game's artwork has also impressed folks in recent weeks - so much so that the studio has created a new Xbox Series X|S background out of it!

Yep, the above key art got a lot of attention last month (rightly so, it's gorgeous), and so the team has animated it and turned into a new console background. Here's the image in motion:

We particularly like how much of a contrast this one is to the game tiles and such on the Xbox home page. Be right back, we're off to swap out our backgrounds and get loaded up for Avowed's upcoming release!

Speaking of which, this Xbox exclusive RPG is aiming for a fall 2024 launch at the moment, and we're all ears for a more specific release date from Obsidian. Hopefully we hear about that soon, and in the meantime, go ahead and enjoy this new Xbox Series X|S dynamic background.

Hyped for Avowed? Tell us if you're gonna try out this new Xbox background!