Update [Fri 16th Feb, 2024 04:30 GMT]:

The Verge's senior editor has reached out to Microsoft and confirmed Diablo 4 "won't" be available to Xbox Game Pass Core subscribers.

"Diablo IV is coming to Xbox Game Pass on March 28th, with the exception of the Xbox Game Pass Core catalog,” says Kari Perez, head of communications for Xbox, in a statement to The Verge."

Original story [Thu 15th Feb, 2024 20:20 GMT]:

As part of today's official Xbox podcast on the future of the platform, Microsoft has confirmed the very first Activision Blizzard game that's coming to the Game Pass library. On March 28th, Blizzard's Diablo 4 will be available on the service across Xbox and PC.

The team announced this first ActiBlizz arrival as part of a general commitment towards Xbox Game Pass. Activision Blizzard games are coming to the service, despite all of the rumours and speculation about the viability of Xbox's current strategy ahead of today's event.

As for Diablo 4 itself, we thought it was a cracker to be honest. On release last summer we scored the game 9/10 in our Pure Xbox review - do check that out down below along with all of the big news from Xbox's business update.

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