Following a slight delay to the console version of PlateUp!, the development team is bringing its upcoming co-op cooking romp to Xbox Game Pass next month - a decision it says was "an easy choice" to make ahead of launch.

In fact, we sat down with developer Alastair Janse van Rensburg and Yogscast managing director Simon Byron this week to talk all things PlateUp!, and how excited the team is about bringing the title to Xbox Game Pass.

Here's a snippet from our interview:

"[Bringing it to Game Pass was] definitely an easy choice. For my first game, PlateUp! has been a massive success, and I’m keen to bring it to as many players as possible. Game Pass is an obvious way to let as many people as possible experience the game.

Bringing the game to Xbox has been a pretty smooth process overall. For my next game I’d probably do a few things differently when making the game, but thankfully there haven’t been any major hiccups!"

In our full chat, we talk even more about Xbox Game Pass — including how keen Microsoft was to bring PlateUp! to the library — along with plenty of other tidbits on the game itself and how it's shaping up ahead of launch.

Our full interview will go live on the site shortly, and in the meantime you can expect PlateUp! to release day one on Xbox Game Pass on February 15th.

Planning on cooking up a Game Pass storm next month? Tell us what you think to PlateUp! so far down below.