Xbox's Phil Spencer Knows How Much We Want A New Banjo-Kazooie Game

For years now, we've been hearing from Xbox fans who are desperate for a new Banjo game to make its way to market. It's been 15 long years since the last one, and Xbox boss Phil Spencer is well aware that it's been a long wait.

Spencer brought up Banjo-Kazooie as part of an interview with Windows Central this week, using the IP as an example of a "franchise that people would love us to touch". Here's the excerpt in which he mentions it:

"You've seen from our history that we haven't touched every franchise that people would love us to touch — Banjo fans, I hear you. But it is true that, when we find the right team, and the right opportunity, I love going back to revisit stories and characters that we've seen previously. "

Before this, the Microsoft Gaming CEO was talking about projects from the past that Xbox has revived, namedropping the likes of Age of Empires and Killer Instinct along the way, and he reiterated that when these opportunities crop up, "there has to be passion in the team behind the projects" and it has to be a situation that makes sense.

For whatever reason, Banjo hasn't turned into one of those opportunities yet - unless Microsoft is secretly working on something! We'll continue to live in hope, as it's been far too long since Nuts & Bolts back in the Xbox 360 days.

How much do you want a new Banjo game? Let us know down in the comments section below.